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The University Grants Commission of India (UGC India) functions as the principal regulatory body established by the Indian Government in line with the UGC Act of 1956 under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Its mandate encompasses the coordination of Indian Universities, establishment of standards for these universities, and the maintenance of higher education standards in India.

In pursuit of global standards for high-quality research across academic disciplines within its jurisdiction, the UGC has instituted the Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics (CARE). The primary objectives of UGCCARE include ensuring the prevention of academic misconduct, particularly plagiarism, among students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Journals failing to adhere to the prescribed reference list guidelines are deemed invalid under this framework.

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What are UGC Journals / UGC Care List?

Journals serve as a platform for emerging scholars to disseminate their research findings. The availability of these sources is facilitated by the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is essential for aspiring researchers to publish their research papers in journals included in the UGC-CARE list, as any private journal not listed by the UGC is considered invalid. Research paper publication in UGC journals is necessary for researchers.

The UGC journals, with its “Quality Mandate,” strives to foster, empower, and enhance the Indian academic landscape. The UGC, in its commitment to maintaining quality, has replaced the  Journals list with UGC-CARE, aiming to eliminate any instances of plagiarism and substandard content that could potentially tarnish the reputation and global standards of research.


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